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Rossignol HERO FIS GS FACTORY (R21 WC) Saison 17/18

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Rossignol Rennski


This specific tip construction involves stepping the end-points of the top two layers, one metal and the other fibreglass. The objective is to reduce tip inertia and weight, creating a ski that is livelier and more receptive. This construction also delivers better torsional control of the tip, for more effective grip and very high precision in turns.


Transversal ski flex release system. To improve turn initiation and make handling more enjoyable, our racers and the Rossignol racing department have worked together on a new project. The top layer of the ski’s structure is cut lengthwise for superior power transfer and enhanced ski control. Skis featuring this technology are intuitive, and offer greater grip and precision. This technology is used by all our World Cup racers.


This ski is cambered over 90% of its length, delivering power, superior snow feel and excellent grip on the piste. The remaining 10% features a tip rocker for easier turn initiation and control.