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Ride Boot SAGE taupe

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Ride Damen Snowboardschuh

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219,95 €


New-age gurus and life coaches want to give you advice on how to be successful, meanwhile they drive a POS and struggle to pay their gas bill. Mystic carnies and pompous fire-walking, trust-fallers shouldn’t influence the decisions you make in life; however, the wisdom of our boot engineers should definitely impact your boot decisions. Take the Sage boot, a heat moldable
Intuition™ Plush Foam Liner is combined with a Die Cut EVA Insole to give you all day comfort and support. The decision to include a BOA® Coiler™ with the Closer™ lace guide is an ingenious one because it gives you a precise fit with fewer spins of the dial, while the Closer™ lace guide distributes lace tension across the entire boot to give you a comfortable, pressure point-free fit. Trust in the wisdom of our engineering gurus, the Sage is a mid-flexing boot that will help you progress past these difficult stages you are currently facing...in snowboarding.


- Intuition™ Plush Foam Liner
- NEW! Grip Light Sole
- NEW! +SLIME Midsole

- Fit: 1:1 Lasting, Jade Last, IN2GRATED™, Articulated Cuff, 3D Formed Tongue
- Comfort: C.A.T., Heat Reflective Foil
- Outsole: NEW! Grip Light Sole, NEW! +SLIME Midsole
- Lacing: H3 BOA® Coiler, The Closer™

- Fit: Center Tongue Liner, Internal J Bars
- Intuition™ Construction: Plush Liner
- Lacing: Lock Down™ Turbo
- Insole: Die Cut EVA


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