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Ride Boot CADENCE black

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Ride Damen Snowboardschuh

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329,95 €


Sick of trying on the smallest sizes of men’s boots because women’s boots just can’t provide the response you need? The Cadence is the women’s boot you’ve been looking for. The Cadence is responsive, but also comfortable thanks to the dual-density foam of the heat moldable Intuition™ Support Foam Liner and multi-density Impacto™ Insole. A BOA® Focus System gives you a precise fit in the upper and lower zone of the boot with the turn of a front and side mounted dial, while The Closer™ lace guide distributes lace tension across the entire boot to give you a comfortable fit, free from pressure points. The Michelin® Summit Sole combines Michelin® rubber with phylon for a boot that won’t weigh you down on a long hike and will provide the traction you need once you reach the summit. The Cadence is the stiffest boot in our women’s line, making it ideal for aggressive female riders looking for a comfortable and supportive boot that will provide a highly responsive ride on all areas of the mountain.


- H3 BOA® Focus System
- NEW! Black Gold™ Liner Mesh
- Michelin® Summit Sole


- Fit: 1:1 Lasting, Jade Last, IN2GRATED™, Articulated Cuff, 3D Formed Tongue
- Comfort: C.A.T., Heat Reflective Foil, NEW! Black Gold™ Liner Mesh
- Construction: HDR Premium Synthetics
- Outsole: Michelin® Summit
- Lacing: H3 BOA® Focus, The Closer™

- Fit: Center Tongue Liner, Internal/External J Bars w/Cored Pockets
- Intuition™ Construction: Mobile Liner
- Lacing: Lock Down™ Turbo, Transition Wrap Harness™
- Insole: Impacto™


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